Kingsleague: The Story Behind The Brand

The idea of Kingsleague began back in October 2019. Our founders - Emanuel Spitzy and Moritz Drechsel - are both sportsmen. They love the thrill, competitiveness and sportsmanship within it. Being gamers themselves, they felt that, even though competitiveness is felt, sportsmanship was just missing.  They also saw how, even though competitive gaming was a

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Sportsmanship Thursday: Interview with EFE

Like every Thursday, Kingsleague has once again interviewed a person from the professional sports-world. This time it is the esportsman EFE. Our correspondent Chris talked to him about how he got into gaming, what he thinks of the new FIFA and lots more. Read the full transcript of the interview here. Interview with EFE Chris: 

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How Does the Point System Work in Kingsleague?

So, how does Kingsleague's point system workWe at Kingsleague emphasize fairplay and sportsmanship in all that we do! Our Point System is in strict accordance with these principles and works as follows: For every match you play, you are awarded the amount of points corresponding to your opponent's strength, hereby acknowledging that beating a stronger

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How is toxicity being tackled in FIFA 21?

Ever since FIFA has been invented, players tend to get upset in certain situations. Losing an intense game in the last minute and then seeing the opponent “dabbing” has cost gamers many controllers over the past few years. To handle these types of outbursts and players getting frustrated, EA has disclosed that they will

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Kingsleague: Divorcing Toxicity from Gaming

The following article was written by Amanda Mitchell KingsLeague Divorces Thrill from Toxicity ('s about time) Everyone this side of Eden knows that eSports has a toxicity problem. With 2.7 billion digital players and counting, it’s a problem we can’t ignore. But despite efforts to stop the abuse that makes players feel unsafe and

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