COD Plunder Kill Race – beta

We're launching COD Today is an exciting day for us at Kingsleague. After seven months of operating, we're launching our second game: Call of Duty. Thanks to the thousand of learnings in the prior months, we've created COD's structure to truly bring talent to the table: kill race in an auto-revive environment. Additionally,

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Kingsleague Presents: King’s Week

In our continuous effort to promote sportsmanship and thrill in gaming, we have designed recurring small-prized tournaments during our off-season period. Continue reading to learn more about Kingsleague’s King’s Week. Duration of King’s Week As the name suggests, it will last...well, a week. From Monday 00:00, to Monday of the next week. The leaderboard will

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Kingsleague’s Season 2 – Group Stage Structure & Rules

*Updated 28 November* After an exciting month of competition, the top 32 players have finally been decided: top 16 from FIFA 21 and top 16 from FUT 21, will compete for our 2.500€ prizepool, sponsored by Mooser Liesl and Noble Chairs. Want to know the finalists and rules? Keep on reading! These 32 players

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