How to use the Friends Link at Kingsleague

As a fast-growing platform in the gaming sector, we are pleased to welcome many new users every day who have become aware of us through various channels. Be it our live stream events, our tournaments or our advertising campaigns. We offer all gamers who like our platform the opportunity to invite their friends and

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From the 22nd of August until the 27th of September, Kingsleague will have its first season. The season will begin with a month-long all vs all qualification round that will last until the 20h of September, at which point, the top 16 players will be selected to play Season 1.  The league final will

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How are funds secured in Kingsleague

How does Kingsleague secure funds? The users of Kingsleague deal with money transactions during every single game. Such transactions are already commonplace on the Internet, but many are suspiciousm because they don’t know exactly what happens to their money and how it’s secured. Keep reading to find out why you don't have to worry

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