250€ tournament at the end of FIFA 22 + FUT 22 season 1

The year is slowly coming to an end and Christmas is just around the corner. For the Kingsleague team, it was a super cool and successful year, in which we could welcome many new faces in our community. Now it's time for us to give something back to you: to conclude the FIFA 22

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Kingsleague App now also for Android in Google Play Store

It's important to us that we provide our users with the best possible experience - so we've pursued that vision and reached another milestone in Kingsleague history. We can proudly announce that our Kingsleague app is now available in the Google Play Store for Android! Make money playing games no matter what your taste

Tournaments with Moegogaming – Contentcreator and Coach for Hansa Rostock eFootball

The Kingsleague FIFA 22 / FUT 22 tournament series continues and we are proud to welcome Moegogaming. Some of you might already know Moegogaming, because he is not only content creator and coach for Hansa Rostock eFootball but also regularly on Twitch with his livestreams. Almost every day you can find him live on

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How to become unbeatable on FIFA 21

It's your chance to finally Slay The King! Although our team has failed miserably to beat 'em... 1. Practice. Practice. Practice This may sound like an old record, but practicing free kicks in the skill game section before attempting them on the field will certainly help you become a better player. 2. Get to know

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The first King’s Week Challenges of the year arrived!

We hope you had the best time and rest during New Year's Eve! Because these are the first weekly challenges and frankly, we couldn't let them be all easy breezy. 1.Play a total of 15 Matches Get 1 € 2. Win 5 Matches Get 1 € 3. Play a Match with Pot size over 20

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How to win the King’s Week

It's. About. Time. Special note: Remember that you'll receive points for every match you play on Kingsleague.   So, first things first. The amount of points for a match depends on two factors: 1. The ratio between your opponent's and your personal Kingsleague's rating. 2. The pot size.    In the leaderboard, the players with

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Kingsleague’s Season 2 Winners are finally here!

Kingsleague’s Season 2 Yesterday we streamed the Knockout Stage from 15:45 to 20:00 directly from @p4ddy_9217's Twitch and the Kingsleague’s Season 2 winners are determined. the event was filled with excitement, tension, ups and down, and most importantly: sportsmanship. We were very excited to welcome over 100 viewers rooting for their favorite player! We wanted to

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Behaviour Kingsleague believes in competitive gaming and that there is a space in which the invested time can pay off. Dedication and admiration for those who spend hours mastering skills, where nano-second decisions change the outcome of a night. He knows the majority of competitive gamers will not become professional, yet wants to open

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Kingsleague exists to bring thrill and sportsmanship to gaming. But how exactly are we doing this and what even is it what we are doing? Both answers to these questions can be found in this article. Let’s start with the what. What are we doing? We’re building a platform that connects casual yet competitive

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What is Kingleague? Kingsleague is a social gaming brand that connects its users by allowing them to challenge each other in their favourite games for cash prizes.  Kingsleague values transparency as a key factor throughout its operations: from a clear ranking system, to a fair compensation system based on players' matches' results.  The company

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