The first King’s Week Challenges of the year arrived!

We hope you had the best time and rest during New Year's Eve! Because these are the first weekly challenges and frankly, we couldn't let them be all easy breezy. 1.Play a total of 15 Matches Get 1 € 2. Win 5 Matches Get 1 € 3. Play a Match with Pot size over 20

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Kingsleague Season 1 FIFA-20 Finals Announced

Sixteen Players Remaining It's been an exciting month. Season 1 began with a month qualifying round, which finished off last Sunday, September 20th. The league grabbed traction quickly and lots of excitement. We began the Season with less than 500 players and ended the qualifying round with over 2,000! After a hard-competed league, we now

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On the 22nd, August the Kingsleague Season 1 started. At the moment the qualification phase is still running, in which everybody plays against everybody else. For every FIFA-match you get points - even if you lose! The stronger your opponent and the higher the stake, the more points you get. The 16 players who

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From the 22nd of August until the 27th of September, Kingsleague will have its first season. The season will begin with a month-long all vs all qualification round that will last until the 20h of September, at which point, the top 16 players will be selected to play Season 1.  The league final will

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