Kingsleague’s Season 2 Winners are finally here!

Kingsleague’s Season 2 Yesterday we streamed the Knockout Stage from 15:45 to 20:00 directly from @p4ddy_9217's Twitch and the Kingsleague’s Season 2 winners are determined. the event was filled with excitement, tension, ups and down, and most importantly: sportsmanship. We were very excited to welcome over 100 viewers rooting for their favorite player! We wanted to

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After last week's final, the Champions League officially finished with Bayern Munich lifting the trophy in the end. Due to Covid-19, it was quite an unusuals season with only 11 games instead of 13 for the finalists. Here’s a statistical overview of the 2019/2020 UEFA Champions League and as in the field, Bayern are

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Rule changes for the rest of the Champions League

What’s happening with the UEFA’s Champions League? Curious as to how the rules have changed for the rest of the UEFA's Champions League? Kingsleague has developed a brief summary to it. As with many businesses, the COVID-19 pandemic “shut down” the Champions League in March. Five months later, the season continues in a tweaked

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