AUGUST 01.2021

A month-long killrace season. Best 10 win.

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warzone kingsleague league 1 summer-min

What is the Kingsleague Warzone League?

A month long 3.000€ Call of Duty Warzone league, where all players compete on killrace challenges. The top 10 that win the most points at the end of the month, get the prizepool

Is the Warzone league free?

Joining the Kingsleague Warzone League is completely free. If it’s your first time on Kingsleague, we’ll give you 1€ to start.

warzone kingsleague league 1 summer-min
kingscleague warzone league is worth 3000 in prizepool-min
kingscleague warzone league is worth 3000 in prizepool-min

What are the prizes?

The Kingsleague Warzone League will have a 3.000€ prizepool, composed of cash prizes and sponsored products by Caseking and Noblechairs.

Top 10:

1. 700€

2. 500€

3. 400€

4. 300€

5. 260€

6. 230€

7. 220€

8. 150€

9. 130€

10. 110€

How do I get points?

Every time you play a match on Kingsleague you get points, win or lose!!

Your skill level influences how many points you get.

Psst…rematches give you double the points

Does the League differ in rules to normal Warzone-Kingsleague rules?

You decide – along with your oponent – how you want the challenge to be.

Wanna go on duos? You chose. Trios? You chose. Quads? You chose. Just remember that only one of the players will get points – the one that makes/wins the challenge

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Wanna organize your own tournament?

We’re beta testing our tournament mode to selected gamers, interested?

Let’s talk!