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Twitch Streamer and eSports players Pipecrew

Play FIFA and earn money with your own skills? That’s possible with Kingsleague and Twitch streamers like the Pipecrew show how it’s done: The VfL Wolfsburg e-sports duo regularly play FIFA, earn money and strengthen their community on Kingsleague.

Earn money with games at Kingsleague

If you love playing FIFA and want to earn money with it, Kingsleague is the right place for you. The streamers and eSports players Finn and Basti, who play in the Virtual Bundesliga for VfL Wolfsburg, show how it can be done. In regular tournaments or 1 vs 1 matches, the Pipecrew plays at Kingsleague and earns money with their skills. In their own partner tournaments, the community can compete against each other and fight for a win in the respective skill area. At the end, lucrative cash prizes await the winners. Here you can not only compete against your idols, but also become part of a lively and friendly community that celebrates the fun of gaming and rakes in money with their own skills.

Who is the Pipecrew anyway?

A water pipe, 50% glasses and 100% FIFA skills characterize the Twitch streamers, who are under contract with VfL Wolfsburg in the e-sports area. Basti (without glasses) is playing his way to the top of the FIFA and FUT rankings in Germany and Finn (with glasses) provides best entertainment in the communication with the community and in the chat. The Pipecrew is currently one of the hottest things the FIFA esports scene has to offer on Twitch and enjoys a steadily growing fan base. The hype was rewarded in September last year: since then, the Pipecrew duo is under contract with the Virtual Bundesliga team VfL Wolfsburg in the e-sports sector. As a partner of Kingsleague, they also organize events for and with their community on the platform.

Gamer events with attractive prize pools

Kingsleague was able to win the two Twitch streamers as partners, enabling them to organize their own events for themselves and their community in the form of various cup modes and 1v1 matches. In the tournament events, the Pipecrew community has the opportunity to compete with each other and their idols in various skill categories and thus earn money while gaming by playing for various prize pools. E-sports fans can also prove their skills in 1v1 matches and earn money with their gaming abilities.

Register for free, get started right away

You want to become part of the community and earn money while gaming? Then join the fun! Sign up for free and get a 1 Euro sign-up bonus for your first match. You can play on this platform on your favorite console, whether Xbox, Playstation, PC or even on your smartphone. At Kingsleague you’ll find yourself as part of a lively and friendly community of over 20,000 players. You can compete against your idols, other players or your friends in various tournaments. Even if you don’t have the finest skills yet, you can still earn money with your hobby here. Different skill levels in bronze, silver and gold will not let you despair of overpowered opponents, but allow you to grow with the community.

If you want to earn money playing videogames without relaying on pure luck, become part of the Kingsleague community or strengthen your own community by becoming a Kingsleague partner.

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