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Twitch Streamer and eSports coach P4ddy

P4ddy is a successful streamer on the platform Twitch and inspires many loyal fans regularly with his achievements in FIFA gaming, he is the coach and member of the Hannover 96 eSport team in addition to being a FIFA skill coach! Let us introduce you to this successful gamer!

This is what makes P4ddy such a successful streamer and eSports player

P4ddy is a successful FIFA streamer on the streaming platform Twitch. He has many regular viewers on Fifa. He is also project manager at Hannover 96 and responsible for their eSport team. But as if that wasn’t enough, P4ddy also offers his services as a FIFA coach and helps people to improve their skills and become more successful in the game. So you see, he’s a king of all trades and everything he starts turns into a success.

Why watch Twitch

Sure, at first glance it seems a little strange to watch someone play when you could be playing yourself instead. But Twitch offers the opportunity to chat with other fans of the game in a relaxed setting. This way, you can get to know your favorite game in a whole new way. In addition, you have the chance to learn something new with every stream. You’ll see how others play and what strategies they use. In this way, you can certainly learn one or two tricks that you don’t know yet. Twitch offers you to rediscover your favorite games with comments and other impressions.

This is how streamers earn their money

Sure, if you’re on Twitch, you know that streamers get money for ads played and subscriptions. On top of that, viewers can direct donations to the streamer, which the streamer then receives. But have you ever wondered if there are more opportunities for a streamer? Of course there are: While many streamers sign advertising contracts with companies and still others, like this Twitch streamer, are active in eSports clubs as coaches and managers, but there is still an opportunity at Kingsleague, which should also be interesting for you. After all, not everyone can become a successful coach at Hannover 96 eSport. So how can you still earn money while streaming or gaming?

Fair play, lively community and a lot of fun at Kingsleague

Just earn money while playing on Kingsleague. If you spend your time gaming, why not earn some money doing it? Kingsleague makes it possible, it is a platform that allows you to challenge other players and bet money. As soon as you win, your winnings will be credited to your account and you can challenge the next player or simply cash out!

You don’t even have to worry about competing against real pro gamers, because the Kingsleague community is divided into three skill levels: gold, silver and bronze. This way, you can look for the exact opponents that matches your skill level. Besides, you can exchange ideas with other players and participate in tournaments in your favorite game over and over again. You will always see immediately in the ranking list where you stand and you’ll be motivated to become even more successful. Will you make it to first place?

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