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Twitch streamer and eSports player MariPhoenix

MariPhoenix has been impressing with her skills playing FIFA on Twitch for a long time and now she has also joined the Hertha BSC eSports team. Here we introduce you to the exceptional player!

MariPhoenix is an outstanding player on Twitch and has now successfully arrived in the German FIFA eSport scene. Since the summer of 2021, she has been part of the Hertha BSC eSport team, showing that she can compete at a very high level with other players, eSport talents and is also available to compete at Kingsleague.

This is how MariPhoenix became a successful streamer and eSport athlete

Of course, the whole thing did not start overnight. She has been streaming on Twitch for a long time and has gathered a friendly, open and fun community around her. During these streams, she was able to improve her talent and learned a trick or two. It must have been a real pleasure to experience this in the company of a community that always strongly supported her and believed in her. In this way, she has slowly but surely played her way to the top and has now reached a level that simply amazes. Not only because she’s so good and because she’s been able to build up such a community, she was accepted into Hertha BSC eSports in the summer of 2021 and now she’s competing against other great players in FIFA eSports.

Why do so many people watch Twitch?

Twitch offers fans of a game completely new ways to experience a game. You are no longer limited to your own gaming experience, but can watch live how others approach the game and what their strategies are. Especially with competitive games like COD, Fortnite, and not to forget FIFA, this also presents an incredible opportunity for gamers. Through the new perspectives that the streams open up to them and through the exchange with other players and the streamer, they can still learn something new. Learn more about tricks and tactics that they can subsequently use themselves.

How a streamer earn money

You’ve probably wondered how a streamer earns money, right? Subscriptions, donations and advertising contracts can’t be everything, can they? After all, gaming is not exactly a cheap hobby. The technical equipment alone can easily cost a few thousand euros. Have you ever wondered if you could earn money by playing games yourself?

Kingsleague offers you this chance

At Kingsleague you can register, challenge other gamers and play for money. This gives you the chance to earn the latest gaming gear while you play. No saving pocket money and no annoying vacation jobs. Just earn the money for your new graphics card while gaming. Kingsleague offers you this opportunity and it’s also fair: you don’t have to worry about having to compete against much stronger opponents. At Kingsleague, players are divided into three levels, gold, silver and bronze, so you can find opponents that match your skills. In addition, Kingsleague offers you an open and active community where you can exchange ideas with other fans and gamers.

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