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Twitch Streamer Hassliebe

Whether it’s FIFA or GTA V, Hassliebe is just as much fun to watch as he is to play. Hassliebe impresses with a lot of charm and a good dose of humor, which he uses to captivate viewers like you. But there is also a lot of skill and talent involved.

Where do you know Hassliebe from?

You know him from Twitch. You like to watch him play and he makes you want to pick up the controller every time. That’s right, we’re talking about Hassliebe. Time to take a closer look at this gamer. Hassliebe is a streamer on Twitch who is just about to take off. He has managed to gather a nice, friendly and open community around him, with whom he explores Los Santos (GTA V) or competes against other players in FIFA. He is also part of the SP9 Esports Team, with whom he participates in tournaments or just plays games against other teams.

The favorite game of Hassliebe

Hassliebe’s favorite game is surely FIFA. He is a master at the ball and has already qualified for several tournaments. Together with his team SP9 Esports, the Twitch streamer makes waves all along the line. If you want to follow the Twitch streamer live, you have several options: In addition to his own channel on Twitch, he regularly streams on the channel of his team SP9 Esports. When exactly he goes online on his team channel is always announced on the team’s Instagram profile. But feel free to check out his own Instagram profile as well. There you will always find very private insights into the life of the likeable Twitch streamer.

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