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Twitch streamer and eSports player Hasoo

The successful FIFA player Hasan Eker, who is probably better known to you as Hasoo19, is successful on Twitch, has many successes in FIFA and is a part of the Schalke 04 eSports team.

Being a member of an eSports club and playing the big games sounds like a dream for many. Hasan Eker, better known as Hasoo19 on Twitch, has made it. He is now part of the Schalke 04 team. In the process, the young man has also managed to build up a successful Twitch channel on the side and even become a Twitch partner. Here we introduce you to the exceptional player in more detail.

Who is Hasan Erker aka Hasoo19?

Hasoo19 started to play FIFA at an early age and one day he discovered that he has a special talent for this game. He wondered if others might be interested in how he plays FIFA and was pleasantly surprised. Since his debut on the streaming platform Twitch, he has been able to inspire more and more people and build a community around his channel. Many people regularly watch him kick the virtual ball around the field. It’s always exciting and there’s often commentary that makes you laugh. Over time, he has been able to further develop his talent through hard training and so he has managed to be accepted into the eSports team of Schalke 04. In a way, this is the noble title for ambitious FIFA players.

Why do people watch Twitch?

Have you not been on Twitch yourself yet? If so, you might be wondering why people would rather watch someone play a game than play it themselves. That’s a good question, but why do so many people watch the Bundesliga and don’t stand on the field and kick the ball themselves at the weekend? Because sometimes it’s just fun to watch someone else play, to share in the excitement and to talk about the game. The best thing is to try it out for yourself.

How do streamers actually earn their money?

Sure, if you’re familiar with Twitch, you know that streamers get paid for subscriptions, ads played, and product placements. But haven’t you ever wondered if there’s more to it than that? Maybe you’ve even wondered if you could earn money gaming yourself to treat yourself to that new console or for a new gaming chair.

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To play for money at Kingsleague, you don’t have to belong to an eSports team, be a Twitch partner or a successful streamer like Hasoo19, it’s enough if you just like to play a game and want to prove yourself against other gamers. Kingsleague offers you this possibility. At Kingsleague you can challenge other players in your favorite game and play against them for a bet. However, you don’t have to worry about competing against pro gamers all at once. The players in Kingsleague are divided according to their level and you can find exactly the opponent that suits your skills.

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