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Earn money while gaming – that’s the dream of many fans of video games. The good news is that now there is this possibility! You can bet on yourself on Kingsleague and earn money with your victories. No gambling involved, it’s all about your skill.

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“Many games”

The opponents are very active and you can play a lot of games at any time of the day. Very good & varied content!


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Everything was really great! Especially the price split from bronze to gold was great. Communication via chat is great!


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“Anyone can win!”

Anyone can win on Kingsleague! The 1€ you get for free at the beginning is top!


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A community of over 20,000 and some of the biggest brands in the gaming industry in Germany trust us…

Kingsleague is a community based app. A place where cheaters don’t stand a chance and a place where sportsmanship in the game comes first. That’s how our partners and our community see it too.

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Kingsleague – Earn money playing games

Earn money playing games – no doubt a dream of many fans of gaming. And those fans are becoming more and more. Video games are very much in trend and every year there is a large group of new gamers. Meanwhile, the topic of earning money is also playing an increasingly important role. Gaming can be a profession, as shown by many professional e-sportlers in the scene. And it can also be a good side income, as now Kingsleague proves. We allows all gamers to compete against other players. There is the possibility to challenge them in 1 vs. 1 matches or to play against others in big tournaments with huge prize pools. But how exactly can you earn money with Kingsleague, which games can you play and what is the procedure? The following is a summary of everything you need to know about the revolutionary idea of Kingsleague.

Play games like Warzone, FIFA, Fortnite, and many more

At Kingsleague you can sign up for free and then earn money with various games that offer very different requirements. One of the games currently offered is FIFA, which comes from the sports section. In the soccer simulation, you can choose a team and compete against other players who have also chosen their team. Usually, FIFA is played via Xbox or Playstation.

On the other hand, Call of Duty: Warzone is also offered, which is one of the most popular battle royale video games. The game can also be called a first person shooter and is a classic multiplayer game. As a rule, you play together with other players against a group of other gamers. The game represents one of the highlights of the gaming scene and has a large number of followers who regularly sit down in front of the PC and throw themselves into the various maps of Warzone.

Currently also Fortnite is offered at Kingsleague, which is the biggest Battle Royale game in history. Besides only fighting against each other, it also offers building of different structures and a lively ecosystem of always new and exciting content and collaborations.

Kingsleague’s community around all games is huge. You can play Warzone, FIFA, Fortnite and many other games with over 20,000 other gamers. eSports is for everyone and we show that more than any other platform. And you can earn money playing with the lively and friendly community.

Conclusion: Kingsleague as a pioneer of the scene

Gaming is becoming increasingly important in our society. In the meantime, there are also many gamers who have turned their hobby into a profession and make a living from eSports. Kingsleague now offers an interesting start for ambitious gamers who want to earn money with games. To make this happen, you can bet on yourself as the winner in your own games. Therefore, it is not a game of luck, only your skill decides.

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