FIFA 22 & FUT 22 Season 1

EXTENDED TILL DECEMBER 15th 2021! All info here!

Gamble, earn points, conquer the leaderboard and collect cash!

Play for 6 weeks, 1vs1 challenges, all vs. all in FIFA 22 & FUT 22

  • 3 different skill levels – bronze, silver and gold!
  • A total of 30 winners with a prize pool of 4000€!

  • Exclusive, high-profile! tournaments during the season!
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Events during the season

The Hasoo Cup and many events take place during the season. Join and collect points automatically!

4.000€ cash & non-cash prizes

2.000€ in FIFA 22 and 2.000€ in FUT 22! You can participate and win in both modes!

Free participation

Participation is free of charge. New players receive 1€ bonus for their first challenge

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The Kingsleague FIFA 22 Season 1 is a tournament with a prize pool of 4.000€! This is divided into 2.000€ for FUT 22 and 2.000€ for FIFA 22. Furthermore there will be 3 different skill levels. Each game mode has a gold, a silver and a bronze ranking. The players can decide for themselves if they prefer to play FUT 22 or FIFA 22. Of course, you can also compete in both modes. You can challenge any player and with each match you will gain points that will help you climb up the rankings. The top 5 of each leaderboard wins great prizes!

Season Infos


The FIFA 22 Season 1 runs from now on and ends on Tuesday, the 30.11.2021! Wednesday, the 15.12.2021!

Mode & Console

All matches will be played in FIFA 22 & FUT 22 on PS4/5. Points are awarded for each match played; more points are awarded for a rematch!

How do I participate?

Register for free at Kingsleague. All points earned through challenges during FIFA 22 Season 1 count!


Prize pool

Two gamemodes (FIFA & FUT) | 3 skill levels (Bronze, Silver, Gold)

A total of 30 players (the best 5 of each skill level, each game mode) will win cash and non-cash prizes! The prize breakdown is as follows:

Gold – 1.000€

in both FIFA 22 & FUT 22

350€ | 1st place
300€ | 2nd place
200€ | 3rd place
100€ | 4th place
50€ | 5th place

Silver – 600€

in both FIFA 22 & FUT 22

210€ |1st place
180€ | 2nd place
120€ | 3rd place
60€ | 4th place
30€ | 5th place

Bronze – 400€

in both FIFA 22 & FUT 22

140€ | 1st place
120€ | 2nd place
80€ | 3rd place
40€ | 4th place
20€ | 5th place

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What our community says

The community is the most important core for us as a platform. We are happy about every single user who completes challenges and participates in events with us. In the past we were able to convince some well-known names in the Fifa and Warzone scene of Kingsleague.

„At any time“

The opponents are very active and you can play a lot of games at any time of the day. Very good & varied content!


Hoppelaar Profile Pic

„Very good tournament tool“

The tournament tool is easy to use and very clear. It gives every player a chance to win prizes and participate in cups, no matter if you are an eSports player or a casual player. No waiting time between rounds.



„Perfect content“

What we like most about Kingsleague is that we’ve been able to expand our content, giving our community an awesome platform where they can play against us regularly and even win prizes.


Why play through Kingsleague?

A community of over 20.000 players and some of the biggest brands in the gaming industry in Germany trust us…

Kingsleague is a community run app. A place where cheaters don’t stand a chance and a place where sportsmanship in the game comes first. That’s how our partners and our community see it too.

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