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What distinguishes the providers?

Earning money with video games – nowadays no longer a dream, but already a reality for a long time. We compare the different providers and show their pros and cons.


Which providers are there?

Gaming has become an integral part of many people’s lives. Over the last few years, an enormous player base has developed and there are a variety of different games and game genres. You plunge into another world and have a balance to everyday life. The industry is booming like never before and there are several companies and organizations that have specialized in this area.

Turning the hobby into a profession

Countless people would like to turn their hobby into a profession. The dream of becoming an eSports player is very strong among many people, especially younger ones. But only a few really manage to earn money with games. Getting to the top in eSports is and remains only a dream for most people. This requires not only a lot of talent and hard work, but also a good portion of luck.

  • Checkmategaming
  • Playerslounge

  • Gamersaloon

  • G-Loot

  • Rawbet

  • Gamingstars

  • Maxiplayers

  • Faceit

  • Repeat

  • Dual Donkey

  Kingsleague Playerslounge Geezy Gamersaloon Other Providers
Free starting balance Many providers do not provide this
Cash & non-cash prizes

No prices at all or only one of the two

Fast and secure payout

Partly long processing times

Reliable German support Only monolingual support and often slow
Reliable English support

Only monolingual support and often slow

Respectful community

Conflicts occur more often who has won

Weekly, monthly and seasonal prices Mostly only monthly or seasonal prices
Usable via browser + app Often no combination of website and app
Tournaments with prize pool Mostly no tournaments or no prize pool
Tournament tool No possibilities for own tournaments
Playing against streamers Most providers do not play streamers
Different skill levels & leaderboards Skill is often not determined, therefore unfair playing strengths
Low fees Often high fees
Free payout

Most providers charge a withdrawal fee


Wager Games and Tournaments

This is exactly where the wager game and tournament providers come into play and offer the casual gamers to earn money with video games. This way, 99% of regular gamers can also participate in tournaments or official events where you can win cash prizes and non-cash prizes. That’s why exactly that concept was developed, which allows the broad mass of gamers to participate in prestigious events.

Numerous providers on the market

Meanwhile, there are numerous providers that allow players to earn money with their skill. Sites like Kingsleague, Playerslounge, Rawbet, Checkmategaming, etc. offer various popular games. The user can create an account on the sites and play against other players with his deposited funds. Both players agree on a common stake, which then also determines the amount of winnings. Then they play a challenge against each other, the winner receives the winnings and thus increases his balance. To keep the offers attractive, popular content of the games is used.

Find the best Play to Earn provider for you

But which provider offers the most functions and the most varied range? With which provider can you best exploit your potential? Which provider is the right one for you? The comparison above shows you what Kingsleague is all about, what advantages we offer and how we stand out from the crowd of competitors!


What our players say

Some kind words from our great community

“At any time”

The opponents are very active and you can play a lot of games at any time of the day. Very good & varied content!


“Very good tournament tool

The tournament tool is easy to use and very clear. It gives every player a chance to win prizes and participate in cups, whether you are an eSports player or a casual player. No waiting time between rounds.


“Perfect content”

What we like most about Kingsleague is that we’ve been able to expand our content and provide our community with a great platform where they can play against us regularly and even win prizes.

‘Pipe Crew’


Everything you need to know

Sign-up bonus

Sign up for free & get 1€ for your first match for free!

Different skill levels

Complete games, get ranked in Bronze, Silver or Gold & compete in your respective level!

Unique tournament tool

Create your own tournaments for your friends using our exclusive tournament tool or participate in different events!

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1vs1 challenges

Challenge other players in the app and prove your skill!

Tournaments & Events

Compete with our community in regular tournaments and events!

Cash & non-cash prizes

Prove your skills, climb up the leaderboards and rake in fat prizes!

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Kingsleague is a community run app. A place where cheaters don’t stand a chance and a place where sportsmanship in the game comes first. That’s how our partners and our community see it too.

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