Kingsleague 2.0 – Faster, better, darker

Kingsleague has been online for over a year now. Together with you we have already experienced multiple events and only because of you, our loyal community, we can continue this way at high speed. Besides a lot of ideas for new features, seasons, etc. we also came to the decision to bring our app

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Behavior towards hackers

Hackers are a big problem in the gaming scene. You can find them in almost every genre. They take the fun out of the game and have made entire games unplayable in the past. Especially in Shooter-Games Hacks like Aimbot and Wallhack are quite common... At Kingsleague, we want to create a space where

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Kingsleague’s Road to FIFA 22 Rules + Prizes

We're wrapping up FIFA 21 with our annual Road to FIFA 22: a three-week league where each week the top 3 players will receive cash and non-cash prizes, consisting of a total of 6 copies of FIFA 22 and €270 cash prizes. We explain all the details in this article. How does the Road

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Warzone Killrace League Prices

Our Warzone Killrace League is in full swing. Throughout August, you can challenge yourself on Kingsleague and earn points on Warzone to climb up the leaderboard. If you end up in the top 10, big prizes await you. In the following, we would like to give you a brief overview of the distribution of

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CoD Warzone – Rules

Kingsleague Warzone Killrace League From 01.08 - 31.08 our Warzone Summer Season will take place! The prize pool is an incredible 3000€. This will be shared by the top 10. You can play any of the following described modes and play according to the mentioned rules. Call of Duty: Battle Royale Overview You and

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New to Kingsleague? A guide to challenge players at the same Kingsleague skill levels!

In everything we do, we place great emphasis on honesty, fairness and sportsmanship. As a result, we at Kingsleague have developed a concept to divide our players into 3 different skill levels. Why are there different skill levels on Kingsleague? No one likes to lose, especially not when you're really being shown up and

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Kingsleague’s Spring Season Rules

Spring Season Rules The Kingsleague Spring Season is our fourth season. One of the most recurrent comments we received in the previous Season is that the Season's skill level was too high. While we are very proud of our gold players conquering the season, we also want to include the vast majority of

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How to use the Friends Link at Kingsleague

As a fast-growing platform in the gaming sector, we are pleased to welcome many new users every day who have become aware of us through various channels. Be it our live stream events, our tournaments or our advertising campaigns. We offer all gamers who like our platform the opportunity to invite their friends and

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FUT 21, FIFA and Warzone Kings Week

While we build up our future generation of cups and leagues, we're having week over week tournaments in all of our current games. We call it the King's Week: Weekly prize pool leagues, where the top three of every game win part of it. Prizes might vary from week to week, but overall, we manage

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Season 3 Winners + Kingsleague Championship Announced

Season 3 has officially ended Yesterday was a very special day for the Kinglseague community. We have arrived to the end of our most successful FIFA Season in our history! We asked our community for their feedback on our prior seasons in order to cocreate a 100% community-based season and this was just it: A

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