Hasoo Cup

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  • Hasoo FUT 22 Cup
  • Single Elimination Cup
  • Streaming from quarter finals is mandatory
  • 1-10€ Buy In
  • Up to 256 participants
  • Prices for places 1-3
  • Participation from 18 years
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Preussd10 FUT Cup 28.06.2021 1€ Buy-In

How it works

Knockout Cup Best of 1 (1 Winner)



Hasoo hosts its tournaments regularly on Kingsleague, every week Monday we inform about upcoming events in our newsletter, as well as social media. The tournaments will be officially hosted and moderated by Hasoo itself via Twitch. For the time being, the tournaments will be held in FUT 22 mode. Basically, the tournaments will have a 1-10€ buy-in. However, this may vary.



Tournaments run through our brand new tournament tool! Players are paired randomly. All games are played as a challenge via Kingsleague. Depending on the number of participants, the duration and prize pool will vary.


How to participate in the Hasoo Cup?

To participate in Hasoo Cups, you first need a Kingsleague account and sufficient funds to pay the buy-in fee. The subsequent registration is done via our tournament tool on the app/website. Just click on the appropriate tab and enter your tournaments under “upcoming”. Make sure you have also entered the correct game on Kingsleague! (FUT22)


Tournament-Tool-Kingsleague-Cups-Cup-eSports-eSport-Step-0cClick on “Play now“, “Participate” or “Register” to get to the signup page.


Simply register with Facebook or Twitch, or alternatively just fill out your data and click on “Join Free”.


Select the game and the game mode, in this case FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

You can also change this later if you want to participate in other events.


Choose your console. The Hasoo Cups will mostly take place on PS5, so in this case click on PS5.

This can also be changed by you later.


Click on Tournaments on the bottom of the screen. This will redirect you to all ongoing and future tournaments on Kingsleague.

Click on the tournament you want to join. In this case the Hasoo Cup.


Check if you have sufficient funds in your account, if not you can top up your balance in the top right corner.

If you have enough money on your account, just click on “Sign in now” or “Join” and you are already registered for the tournament.

Come back to this page at the start of the tournament. The tournament will take place at the mentioned start time.


Rules and requirements

You can find the general tournament rules here.


What you need to know for the tournament

  • Make sure you have chosen the right game and the correct console
  • Come to the tournament page on time for the start of the tournament
  • Click “Ready to Play” before the start of each match to confirm your presence for the round
  • Should the button or the match screen not appear for any reason, just refresh the page (press F5)

Example of the “Ready to Play” button, which appears after the start of the tournament and before each match.

This button must be pressed before each round. If you do not have this button, please refresh the page (press F5). Failure to confirm attendance (not pressing it) will result in automatic disqualification from the tournament. It is not possible to re-enter the tournament later.

Live on Twitch

Sit back and relax. Enjoy exciting Kingsleague matches.


Organize your own tournament like Hasoo!

We are beta testing our tournament mode for select members, are you interested?

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