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Earn money with valorant – playable on Kingsleague!

We thought for a long time about which game we wanted to offer next on Kingsleague. Due to its strong success and high popularity, we finally decided on the shooter Valorant from Riot. Riot Games has proven in the past that they can bring out great games. Therefore, we are confident that Valorant will finally

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New points system at Kingsleague

With every game you complete, you also earn points for your bets. We didn't particularly like the current setup and saw an opportunity to make it better for our community, so we did: an improved new points system! What is different now? In the new points system, the points are distributed differently, meaning you

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M-Kart Tour – Earn money while playing on mobile

By popular demand we have finally added a mobile-only game: With M-Kart Tour, the well-known plumber with his red cap now finds his way onto Kingsleague. The free-to-play app is the perfect introduction to our play-to-win platform and allows you to earn money with video games on the go. How does M-Kart Tour works?

2.500€ FIFA Ultimate Team Season 2 – All Info

The second season of FIFA 22 Ultimate Team is already waiting for its start on Tuesday, March 15, 2022. Besides the 1 vs. 1 matches you can expect exciting tournaments, numerous streamers and of course a huge 2,500€ prize pool. In this article you will learn everything about the new season at Kingsleague and

Earn money with gaming – finally also with your smartphone and Nintendo Switch!

Making money with video games is the mission of Kingsleague, and now we've brought this opportunity to mobile and the Nintendo Switch. Fortnite offers universal crossplay, no matter if PC, Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo Switch, or even mobile, now you can finally earn money, prizes and fame on every platform. Earn money with Fortnite Fortnite

Midseason Standing: Warzone Killrace League 2

Half of the Warzone Killrace League 2 is over - time to take a look at the current results. Who is leading the leaderboards in Bronze, Silver and Gold, who has the best chance to win and is it still worth to join, all info here. What is the Warzone Killrace League 2? The

Fortnite is back! Earn money playing Fortnite!

You want it, you got it! We asked you on Instagram if we should bring back Fortnite with the new season and your answer was very clear: "Yes!" Not only Tilted Towers is back but from January 28th 2022 on finally the possibility to earn money playing Fortnite has also returned. Earn money playing

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