About Mike Morzinek

Hey, my name is Mike and I'm 26 years old. I live in Aachen and study there at the RWTH. At Kingsleague I take over the tasks as Community & Social Media Manager. I'm also passionate about gaming, my main game is FIFA.

Earn money with valorant – playable on Kingsleague!

We thought for a long time about which game we wanted to offer next on Kingsleague. Due to its strong success and high popularity, we finally decided on the shooter Valorant from Riot. Riot Games has proven in the past that they can bring out great games. Therefore, we are confident that Valorant will finally

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New tournament series with Twitch partner Endzeitprophet

Endzeitprophet Cups - The tournaments series with Twitch Partner Endzeitprophet We have great news! We are happy and proud to announce that we welcome Twitch streamer Endzeitprophet to the Kingsleague team for FIFA 22. The Endzeitprophet Cups will now run through our brand new and standalone tournament tool. The first big

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FIFA 22 Season 1 – Play FIFA for money

KINGSLEAGUE'S FIFA 22 SEASON 1 FIFA 22 was officially released on 01.10.! Soccer enthusiasts all over the world are playing against each other in various modes. Also at Kingsleague FIFA 22 is now officially available. For the release we want to start with a new season - our first one in FIFA 22! Which

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FIFA 22 on Kingsleague

The time has come. Fifa 22, the newest offshoot of the most successful soccer simulation in the world is ready to be released. Official release is the 01.10.! For all those who did not want to wait that long, there was the possibility to purchase the Ultimate Edition. Pre-orderers of this more expensive version

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Behavior towards hackers

Hackers are a big problem in the gaming scene. You can find them in almost every genre. They take the fun out of the game and have made entire games unplayable in the past. Especially in Shooter-Games Hacks like Aimbot and Wallhack are quite common... At Kingsleague, we want to create a space where

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Warzone Killrace League Prices

Our Warzone Killrace League is in full swing. Throughout August, you can challenge yourself on Kingsleague and earn points on Warzone to climb up the leaderboard. If you end up in the top 10, big prizes await you. In the following, we would like to give you a brief overview of the distribution of

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