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Tournaments with Moegogaming – Contentcreator and Coach for Hansa Rostock eFootball

The Kingsleague FIFA 22 / FUT 22 tournament series continues and we are proud to welcome Moegogaming. Some of you might already know Moegogaming, because he is not only content creator and coach for Hansa Rostock eFootball but also regularly on Twitch with his livestreams. Almost every day you can find him live on

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Kingsleague’s Road to FIFA 22 Rules + Prizes

Update: Due to the great popularity of our "Road to FIFA 22" event, it will be extended for another week until October 3rd 2021. So you have another chance to get FIFA 22 in FIFA and FUT! We're wrapping up FIFA 21 with our annual Road to FIFA 22: a three-week four-week league where each

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Kingsleague’s Spring Season Rules

Spring Season Rules The Kingsleague Spring Season is our fourth season. One of the most recurrent comments we received in the previous Season is that the Season's skill level was too high. While we are very proud of our gold players conquering the season, we also want to include the vast majority of

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FUT 21, FIFA and Warzone Kings Week

While we build up our future generation of cups and leagues, we're having week over week tournaments in all of our current games. We call it the King's Week: Weekly prize pool leagues, where the top three of every game win part of it. Prizes might vary from week to week, but overall, we manage

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Season 3 Winners + Kingsleague Championship Announced

Season 3 has officially ended Yesterday was a very special day for the Kinglseague community. We have arrived to the end of our most successful FIFA Season in our history! We asked our community for their feedback on our prior seasons in order to cocreate a 100% community-based season and this was just it: A

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COD Plunder Kill Race – beta

We're launching COD Today is an exciting day for us at Kingsleague. After seven months of operating, we're launching our second game: Call of Duty. Thanks to the thousand of learnings in the prior months, we've created COD's structure to truly bring talent to the table: kill race in an auto-revive environment. Additionally,

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Miister Prime’s ESports Cup by Kingsleague

MP Esports Cup by Kingsleague Our close friend and ambassador, Miister Prime will be hosting the first of many same-day Cups. A 32 player knockout tournament, starting today at 19:00. Winner gets 50€. How the MP Esports Cup by Kingsleague Works If you want to take part of Miister Prime's ESports

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Kingsleague’s FUT 21 Season 3 – Rules and Overview

KINGSLEAGUE SEASON 3 We're launching our first ever FUT Season, with our largest pot size to date - 3.000€ + in cash and prizes! Top 16 players will get prizes and an entry ticket to our first Kingsleague Championship: an invite only event with the all-time best of our community. Keep reading to

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Kingsleague’s Season 2 Grand Finals

The knockout stage and grand final for Kingsleague's Season 2 has been announced. Breaking our last Season's record - and thanks to our great sponsors, Mooser Liesel and Noble Chairs - our FIFA 21 tournament has come to its final stage. Tomorrow, the remaining 16 qualified players will be playing head to head, best-out-of-3, until

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