After we unlocked Fortnite in our app a while ago, the game has become very popular with you. Numerous challenges have been played, many points have been collected and a lot of cash has been dusted off in our Kingsweeks. Now we have come up with something very special for you:

On 15.04 our Fortnite Killrace League 1 starts!

But what exactly awaits you? As usual, you can continue to play 1v1 matches, collect points and compete for the rankings. The higher you place, the better your prize, which you can win at the end of the season. The winners of the season will receive a total prize pool of 2000€! Each skill level has the same chances and the same prizes!

How the Fortnite Killrace League works

Game instructions

You have the free choice of whether you want to play across consoles or only stay on your console. Then you add your opponent via his gamertag. Now you have to invite each other: either you invite him or he invites you. It is up to you which mode you play. It is important that you start as a team. Here, too, it is entirely up to you whether you play together or whether you each do your own thing. Discuss it with each other beforehand to avoid misunderstandings. To ensure that only you and your opponent are in the squad, you should select “Do not fill up” for your settings. Play the challenge as described in the rules and send the result as soon as your match is over.

Fortnite rules


All kills made alive or on the ground count towards the final score.


If both players have the same number of kills, the player who has collected more points wins. If the amount of points collected is also identical, another match must be played until there is a winner.

Lags/Pre-Game Settings

Once players are on the plane, no objections regarding lags or pre-game settings will be considered.


If a player disconnects during the pre-match warm-up, the match must be replayed. If the disconnect occurs during the match, it is tantamount to death. You get the number of kills you had at the time of the disconnect and your opponent can continue to play even after you have lost the connection to the game.

Stealing kills

Stealing kills is part of it and is allowed.


Click here to visit our YouTube channel where we provide videos with detailed instructions on how to record your game as evidence in the event of a dispute.

Fraud/falsification of the ranking list

1. deliberately losing matches in order to give points to the other player is strictly prohibited!

2. collusion and mutual “pushing”, i.e. alternately losing and winning matches, is prohibited. We reserve the right to ban the players involved on suspicion, not to distribute the prize money and to exclude them from Kingsleague!

Registration is free and can be done in a few minutes. In addition, we’ll give you €1 for free when you sign up for the first time. Be quick and don’t miss this opportunity!