With every game you complete, you also earn points for your bets. We didn’t particularly like the current setup and saw an opportunity to make it better for our community, so we did: an improved new points system!

What is different now?

In the new points system, the points are distributed differently, meaning you will be rewarded more for more effort! The distribution now gives more points for casual games between 1€ and 50€. Your willingness to play up to 20€ will be rewarded the most, because you will get the most points for 20€ matches, where you will receive 40 points; that means 2 points for 1€.

Distribution of points in the overview

The points will of course always be different per euro, but to give you a rough overview you can take the following chart as an example for the distribution of the points:

1€ = 1 point
2€ = 3 points
10€ = 15 points
20€ = 40 points (most points per euro)
50€ = 60 points (maximum number of points)

Starting from 50€ there is only a maximum of 60 points that can be won. The reason for this is very simple: fraud prevention.

We want to make the Kingsleague experience as enjoyable and easy as possible for every user, and fraud prevention is a part of that. It has come to our attention that some users have won points cheating in the past seasons. To avoid this and to make the seasons safer for everyone, you will only get a maximum of 60 points for games of 50€ or more.

Is it worth to participate?

Of course, it is! It is even more rewarding to join now, because you will receive much more points for your bets. In addition, you can also look forward to something new: starting next week, our very first Fortnite Season will begin, in which the new points system will of course be active!