By popular demand we have finally added a mobile-only game: With M-Kart Tour, the well-known plumber with his red cap now finds his way onto Kingsleague. The free-to-play app is the perfect introduction to our play-to-win platform and allows you to earn money with video games on the go.

How does M-Kart Tour works?

It’s extremely easy to get started with M-Kart Tour: Simply download the free app from the iOS or Android AppStore and launch it. Enjoy the tutorial and you’re ready to go: You log in as usual on Kingsleague, select M-Kart Tour in the game selection and choose an opponent in the “Play 1v1 Matches” tab or get directly into the big tournaments.

In the 1v1 matches, you can decide on the prize pool and your stake as usual, ask your opponents and off you go. Talk over the chat who creates a room via the multiplayer function and exchange the room code, the settings are as follows:

  • Teams: no teams
  • Speed: 150ccm
  • Item slots: 2
  • CPU drivers: Yes
  • Number of races: 3
  • Rules to join: Room code

After your opponent joined, the race is on and the winner of all 3 races can also enter themselves as the winner in the Kingsleague app, securing their well-deserved prize.

Free registration at Kingsleague

If you don’t have a Kingsleague account yet, the registration is free of charge and the first Euro is on the house. But you can also simply top up your account and play directly for your desired stake, so it will be much more exciting. Sign up now and play M-Kart Tour on Kingsleague!

Play M-Kart on Kingsleague