The second season of FIFA 22 Ultimate Team is already waiting for its start on Tuesday, March 15, 2022. Besides the 1 vs. 1 matches you can expect exciting tournaments, numerous streamers and of course a huge 2,500€ prize pool. In this article you will learn everything about the new season at Kingsleague and how you can secure the prize pool.

What does the FUT22 Season 2 at Kingsleague offer?

Of course Kingsleague offers you one thing as always: Increased fun and the possibility to earn money while playing. That’s exactly why the new Season 2 in FUT 22 is perfect for all football-loving console gamers to join in! With over €2,500 in prize pools, equally divided into Bronze, Silver and Gold, everyone has a chance to win. You don’t even have to be the very best in the game, you will be automatically ranked by our algorithm and can then prove your skills within your rank. So for every KL-Rank there is a prize pool of 840€ divided among the first 5 places of the season. These are provided this time by our well-known and beloved sponsors Mooser Liesl (main sponsor) and the sponsors noblechairs and Caseking.

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Participate in Kingsleague FUT 22 Season 2

Participation is simple. You need FUT 22 and a free Kingsleague account, then you load your account accordingly and challenge other players in exciting 1 vs. 1 matches for your desired stake. Alternatively, you can also register for one of the numerous tournaments and play for a large prize pool. So what are you waiting for? Sign up now for free!

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