Once again it gets really exciting at the end of a Kingsleague Season. The main sponsor of the Killrace League 2 Mooser Liesl is holding a 180€ Warzone tournament for you and the buy-in is just 1€. All infos here in the article.

Warzone tournament with prizes

Everyone can take part in the Mooser Liesl tournament, all you need is an account on Kingsleague and a 1€ buy-in. The tournament is played in 1v1 mode with best of 3 rules (i.e. the player who wins 2 or more rounds wins the match and moves up the tournament tree). The kills made in the match are crucial for this, the one who kills more opponents wins the individual match.

The whole event is sponsored by Mooser Liesl, who provide prizes worth 180€ for the cup. As a host, td_1 will accompany you through the entire event and will stream accordingly, so please share your gameplay with him via Twitch or Discord. If you can’t or don’t want to play yourself, you also have the possibility to follow the whole event live on Twitch with td_1.

180€ prizes are waiting for you!

As if fame and honor weren’t enough – all joking aside – 180€ of prizes are just waiting to be grabbed by you. First place will receive a 100€ Mooser Liesl Store voucher, 2nd place a 50€ Mooser Liesl Store voucher, and 3rd place a 30€ Mooser Liesl Store voucher. Just for your information: 12 bottles of Mooser Liesl beer in the 0,5l bottle costs 15,90€, so as a first place winner you can get over 72 bottles of Mooser Liesl, or a cool watch with stainless steel case and a quartz quality clockwork + beer, or many different fan articles + beer. An overview of all items can be found here.

Join the Mooser Liesl Cup!