Half of the Warzone Killrace League 2 is over – time to take a look at the current results. Who is leading the leaderboards in Bronze, Silver and Gold, who has the best chance to win and is it still worth to join, all info here.

What is the Warzone Killrace League 2?

The Warzone Killrace League 2 is a six-week Kingsleague Season, in which different players of all skill groups compete against each other in single matches and in big tournaments. Each victory earns you points and also determines your KL-Rank. There is a prize pool of more than 2.000€ in the KL-Ranks Gold, Silver and Bronze, which will be distributed at the end of the season (February 28th, 23:59). This price pool is divided into 670€ for each skill group consisting of a noblechairs chair, Caseking vouchers and cash prizes sponsored by the main partner of the Warzone Killrace League 2 Mooser Liesl. All information can be found on the season page.

Who leads the rankings?

The Warzone Killrace League is divided into three skill groups, the first five places of Gold, Silver and Bronze get a part of the prize pool. But who is leading the table and what is the current score?

The current standings (as of 02/14/2022 / 12:50pm):


  1. hirtex_ (46 points)
  2. Mako1904 (18 points)
  3. xMarJoeTwitch (11 points)
  4. Jusiba20 (1 point)
  5. jewlzz2001_ (1 point)


  1. giova__i620 (116 points)
  2. Martint0318 (47 points)
  3. boelli28 (21 points)
  4. freshi89 (19 points)
  5. Kleeblyat ( 13 points)


  1. td_1994 (61 points)
  2. SergenServus (47 points)
  3. HUNBERCT (45 points)
  4. Markus_287 (16 points)
  5. Snoopi (3 points)

Currently hirtex_ is on top of the leaderboard in Gold, far behind the runner-up (Mako1904), but nothing is lost or won yet. In Gold it is still possible to reach the 4th and 5th place with just 2 wins.

In Silver, giova__i620 is at the top of the table and has only so far secured his claim to the noblechairs Epic Copper worth 380€, 2nd place (Martint0318) and 3rd place (boelli28) are still highly contested, because it looks like freshi89 and Kleeblyat also want to get in on the action.

In Bronze even the first place of td_1994 is not yet undisputed, because only 14 points separate the first and second place (SergenServus), and also place 3 , 4 and 5 (HUNBERCT, Markus_287, Snoopi) can still be conquered. So everything is still possible!

Is it still worth to participate?

Just over half of the season is over and there are still exactly 2 weeks to play, all places in Gold, Silver and Bronze are not determined yet, so it is definitely still worth joining the Warzone Killrace League 2 by Kingsleague! Not only you get the first 1€ for the first game and the first point completely for free, but also the higher the stake the more points you get. For a 15€ win, for example, you will get 16 points. This would be enough to secure at least 5th place in any KL rank. So it’s definitely worth to get started!

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