You want it, you got it! We asked you on Instagram if we should bring back Fortnite with the new season and your answer was very clear: “Yes!” Not only Tilted Towers is back but from January 28th 2022 on finally the possibility to earn money playing Fortnite has also returned.

Earn money playing Fortnite

Here on Kingsleague you can now play again in exciting 1 vs 1 matches for a customizable prize pool. You and your opponent bet the same amount and the winner gets the prize money! You simply invite each other into a group and play for the most kills, whoever kills more opponents wins. It doesn’t matter if you play on PC, Smartphone, Playstation, Switch or Xbox, we support all devices and crossplay.

Fortnite tournaments for the biggest prizes

The huge prize pools await you in tournaments that also take place regularly at Kingsleague. In our app, which is available for PC as well as Apple and Android smartphones, you can choose between 1v1 matches or tournaments after selecting the game. If you choose the later, you can play for larger prize pools, because each player’s buy-in increases the award. So in this case the first 3 places go home with some serious cash.

Free registration

Registration at Kingsleague is of course free of charge. Register today and get your first bet of 1€ directly credited to your account for free! Become part of Kingsleague and prove that you have what it takes!

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