Good news for the Warzone Killrace League Season 2: Thanks to our main sponsor Mooser Liesl and the sponsors Caseking and noblechairs we were able to double the prize money for you. So now you can win 2.000€ instead of 1.000€. All info here.

2.000€ prize pool in Warzone Killrace League 2

The prize pool has doubled and all players benefit, no matter if KL-Gold, KL-Silver, or KL-Bronze Rank, everyone has the chance to win. We at Kingsleague are not only committed to fair play, but also to equal opportunities. Therefore, players can compete against equally strong opponents regardless of their gaming skill, compete and win. With every game you not only earn valuable points for the season, but you also rank up or down. If you win against a stronger opponent, you gain more season points, but your ranking also improves. If you lose a match, you still get points for the season, but you lose rank points, which determine your ranking in bronze, silver, or gold. For each rank there is now a prize pool of 670€, consisting of a noblechairs chair, as well as Caseking vouchers and of course prize money.

Mooser Liesl as main sponsor

The upgrade of the prize pool is mainly thanks to our main sponsor of the season Mooser Liesl, who sweeten our season with their tasty beer, the pale original from Moos. Of course, the 3 noblechairs and the Caseking vouchers round off the prize pool and make you want to play even more!

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In our Warzone Killrace League Season 2 everyone has the chance to win! Even a late start does not diminish the chance to win the season, everyone can win! By splitting the season prizes into Bronze, Silver and Gold, we also want to make it possible for all players to win. Registration is free and on top of that you get the first Euro for free. So what are you waiting for? Sign up now for free and get your share of the prize pool!

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