Edit 14. January 2021: Thanks to our new main sponsor Mooser Liesl and the sponsors noblechairs and Caseking we were able to increase the prize pool to 2.000€!

Since you celebrated Season 1 of Warzone Killrace so much, we decided to continue this series and give you Season 2 Warzone Killrace! The Season starts January 15th 2022 and ends February 28th 2022. In Season 2 we have a total prize pool of 1.000€ 2.000€. To give each of you a realistic chance, the whole season will be divided into different skill levels: Gold, Silver and Bronze. In the end it counts, who has the greatest skills and makes the most kills!

What can you expect in Season 2?

Our famous Call of Duty Warzone Killrace League is entering its 2nd season, but what exactly can you expect? As usual, you can still play 1v1 matches, collect points and fight for rankings. The higher you are in the rankings, the bigger the prize you can win at the end of the season. What else can you expect? The winners of the season will receive a total prize pool of 1.000€ 2.000€!

How the Warzone Killrace League works

Game instructions

You can choose whether you want to crossplay or just stay on your console. Then you add your opponent, of course with his gamertag. Now you have to invite each other: either you invite him or he invites you. It’s completely up to you which mode you choose. Whether you play together as a team, with healing etc., or whether everyone does their own thing, it’s your decision in the end. Discuss it with each other beforehand to avoid misunderstandings. To make sure that only you and your opponent are in the squad, you should choose “Do not fill up” for your settings.Play the challenge as described in the rules and send the result when your match is over.

** Within the Warzone Killrace League, team challenges (2v2, 3v3, 4v4) are also possible. These can either be played as multiple 1v1 challenges between the two teams or by a representative team captain. Please note that in this case, only the team captains will receive ranking points.

CoD Warzone Rules


All kills made alive or on the ground count towards the final score.


If both players have the same amount of kills, the player who has collected more money wins. If the amount of money collected is also the same, another match must be played until there is a winner.

Lags/pre-game settings

Once players are on the plane, no objections regarding lags or pre-game settings will be considered.


If a player disconnects during the pre-game warm-up, the game must be replayed. If the disconnect occurs during the match, it is equivalent to death. You get the number of kills you had at the time of the disconnect, and your opponent can continue playing even after you lose connection to the game.

Stealing kills

Stealing kills is part of the game and is allowed.


Click here to visit our YouTube channel, where we provide videos with detailed instructions on how to record your game as evidence in case of a dispute.

Cheating/falsifying the ranking

1. Deliberately losing games to give points to the other player is strictly forbidden!
2. Collusion and “pushing” each other, i.e. alternately losing and winning matches, is prohibited. We reserve the right to ban the involved players already at suspicion, not to distribute the prize money & to exclude them from Kingsleague!

The registration is free of charge and done in a few minutes. In addition, we will give you 1€ for free with your registration. Be quick and don’t miss this opportunity!