The Kingsleague FIFA 22 / FUT 22 tournament series continues and we are proud to welcome Moegogaming. Some of you might already know Moegogaming, because he is not only content creator and coach for Hansa Rostock eFootball but also regularly on Twitch with his livestreams. Almost every day you can find him live on Twitch, so it’s no wonder that he has been one of the top players in FIFA for quite some time. With the new tournament series we offer both his community and our existing friends the opportunity to participate in another regularly held top tournament.

The first cup was already a great success

The first collaboration already took place on Wednesday, December 8, 2021 and was a great success. Both the existing community and existing users took part in the new Moego Cup in FUT 22 on PS4 & PS5 and thus fought for a fixed prize pool of over 100€, and that with a buy-in of just one euro. So the chances of winning were good. Moego himself didn’t take part, but used the chance to stream the whole event and to comment live. Which FIFA player hasn’t dreamed of having a real eSports player as a commentator for his own game? So it was no wonder that the games became more and more exciting, especially towards the semifinals and finals. In the end levyfinn secured the victory, followed by Lauwarmekaba (2nd place), kingailton (3rd place) and Memo_190338 (4th place).

The future of Moego Cups

Of course, that was not everything. In the future you can look forward to many numerous cups with Moegogaming. These tend to take place several times a week directly on Kingsleague and participation can be confirmed via the app, which is available for both PC and smartphone. So you will soon have the chance to win the big prize pool of the Moego Cup. Sign up now to stay up to date and get 1€ starting credit for free!

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