The FIFA 22 Season 1 goes into extension. To celebrate the launch of our new and unique tournament tool, the current FIFA Season will be extended for 15 more days until December 15, 2021. That means 15 more opportunities to climb the leaderboard and secure a share of the €4,000 prize pool! To top it off, we’re adding a 250€ FREE ENTRY CUP for the top 64 players in the season rankings.

Kingsleague FIFA 22 Season 1 extended

The first Season in FIFA 22 will be extended by 15 days, that means until December 15th 2021. The reason is the relaunch of our app, which has shortened some days of the season, as well as the start of our new tournament tool, which we will use for a conclusion of the season. On the one hand, we want to make up for the shortened days and give players who didn’t have the opportunity to play challenges during the update period the time to catch up. On the other hand, we as Kingsleague put sportsmanship first, which we would like to revive in two more weeks and the additional conclusion with a free tournament.

250€ Free Entry Cup for the top 64 players

250€ and no buy-in for the top 64 players from all rankings, no matter if bronze, silver or gold – here everyone who has fought his way into the top 64 will get the chance to win additional prize money. The special final tournament will take place after the end of the season. The exact date and rules will be announced.

Last chance to win the €4,000 prize pool

The time is running and the FIFA 22 Season 1 is coming to an end, until December 15th 2021 you have the chance to win a 4.000€ big prize pool divided between FIFA 22 and FUT 22, as well as to give all participants a chance in our skill groups bronze, silver and gold. Collect points now in 1v1 matches, increase the score in exciting rematches, or in one of the numerous tournaments of our streaming partners, which also bring you points for the season.

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