HASOO CUPS – The tournament series with Schalke 04 player Hasoo

EDIT: The tournament series will now start on Wednesday, October 20th 2021!

We have great news!

We are glad and proud to announce that for FIFA 22 we welcome Twitch streamer and Schalke 04 player Hasoo to Kingsleague team.

His legendary Hasoo Cups are now running on our brand new and standalone tournament tool.

The first big Cup will take place on October 18th 20th! More details about the time, requirements, etc. will be announced soon via our social media channels, as well as via the app.

There will be at least 12 tournaments per month where you can prove your skill and win big!

We are absolutely hyped for the cups!


Tournament registration will be unlocked in the app on 10/18/2021 10/19/2021. 256 players maximum, first come first serve!


The tournaments will be officially hosted and moderated by Hasoo itself via Twitch. Exact dates will be communicated in time before the start.

The tournaments will be held in FUT 22 mode for the time being.

Basically the tournaments will have a 6€ buy-in. However, there will certainly also be free or sponsored tournaments.

The prize pool is then made up of the number of participants, the sponsors and Kingsleague itself.

Just like the prize pool, the type of tournaments can also vary. Via the tournament tool you can determine the number of participants, the console (for now the cups run on PS5) and even the allowed skill level. Means for you, EVERYONE can participate in the tournaments.

We will discuss a lot with you as a community and also Hasoo to meet your wishes and to be able to offer you varied cups.

Apart from that, the same rules and behaviors apply as for the classic challenges in FUT 22 and FIFA 22.

All Info for the Hasoo Cup



  • All matches will be decided in Bo1 (Best of 1).
  • Only your FUT team is allowed. Players on loan are not allowed.
  • Cups will take place in PS5 mode for the time being.

Game settings:

  • Half time length: 6 minutes
  • Game speed: Normal
  • Stadium: FUT Stadium / Challenger Stadium
  • All players are responsible for their own settings.

Connection Aborts/Lags:

  • If the match is unplayable for both participants due to the connection, the match can be aborted and restarted.
  • The match will then resume at the time of the disconnection with the exact result.
  • If a match is completely unplayable, the admins will decide how to proceed.

Failure to appear:

  • In the first round, participants have 10 minutes to join the game. Afterwards, this time is reduced to 5 minutes.
  • If players are not present within this time, the match will be scored 3:0 for the opponent and you will be automatically eliminated from the tournament


Unprofessional behavior is prohibited and will result in immediate expulsion from the tournaments and in the worst case from Kingsleague. This includes:

  • Any form of insults, disrespectful behavior, etc.
  • Any form of deception/manipulation
  • Using an account other than the one specified
  • Deliberately disrupting the tournament process (e.g. checking in but not starting the match)
  • Not following instructions of the admins
  • Collusion with other participants

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