FIFA 22 was officially released on 01.10.! Soccer enthusiasts all over the world are playing against each other in various modes. Also at Kingsleague FIFA 22 is now officially available. For the release we want to start with a new season – our first one in FIFA 22! Which players will prevail this time and stand at the top at the end and secure the prize pool?


The Kingsleague FIFA 22 Season 1 is a tournament with a prize pool of 4000€! This is divided into 2000€ for FUT 22 and 2000€ for FIFA 22. Furthermore there will be 3 different skill levels again. Each game mode has a gold, a silver and a bronze ranking. The players can decide for themselves if they prefer to play FUT 22 or FIFA 22. Of course, you can also compete in both modes. You can challenge any player and with every match you will gain points which will help you to climb up the rankings. The season starts on Friday the 15th of October and goes until Tuesday the 30th of November. Whoever collects the most points at the end and can beat the others wins great prizes!


FIFA 22 Season 1 is played on the PS4/5.

Players are allowed to compete in both FUT 22 and FIFA 22 modes.

Participation in the Season is completely free of charge.

The stake is up to each player and affects the number of points won.

The players have 6 weeks to collect as many points as possible to place themselves as high as possible in the ranking.

We also took your feedback on the last season very much to heart and found solutions. We have introduced a maximum limit for challenges between two identical players. This is to prevent players from intentionally giving each other points. In general, any attempt to manipulate the ranking or collect points without justification will lead to disqualification without exception. Accordingly, we will pay special attention to this.

We want to provide a fair competition for everyone in the community. Any unsportsmanlike act will be punished and will lead to disqualification from the current competition. (We have also revised the scoring system, which now prevents players from intentionally switching from a higher skill level to a lower skill level).

Otherwise, of course, the same rules and behaviors apply as for the classic challenges in FUT 22 and FIFA 22.


As mentioned before, there will be two different prize pools for two different game modes. The prize pool will be distributed within the three skill levels – Gold, Silver and Bronze.

A total of 30 players (the best 5 of each skill level, each game mode) will win cash and non-cash prizes! The prize distribution is as follows:

Gold 1.000€ prize pool per game mode

  • 350€ | 1st place
  • 300€ | 2nd place
  • 200€ | 3rd place
  • 100€ | 4th place
  • 50€ | 5th place

Silver 600€ prize pool per game mode

  • 210€ | 1st place
  • 180€ | 2nd place
  • 120€ | 3rd place
  • 60€ | 4th place
  • 30€ | 5th place

Bronze 400€ prize pool per game mode

  • 140€ | 1st place
  • 120€ | 2nd place
  • 80€ | 3rd place
  • 40€ | 4th place
  • 20€ | 5th place


Parallel to FIFA 22 Season 1 we will start our regular cups which will be run via our brand new tournament tool. Among other things Hasoo19 will host at least 12 tournaments per month via Kingsleague. There will be attractive prize pools as well. Of course, the points you earn in the tournaments will also count towards the season! So it pays off to participate twice. We are looking forward to you and to the new FIFA Season!

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