The time has come. Fifa 22, the newest offshoot of the most successful soccer simulation in the world is ready to be released. Official release is the 01.10.! For all those who did not want to wait that long, there was the possibility to purchase the Ultimate Edition. Pre-orderers of this more expensive version were already allowed to start the game from 27.09. and get a few bonuses. The bonuses include some advantages in the various game modes, such as exclusive packs in FUT mode or special youth players in career mode.

When will FIFA 22 be available on Kingsleague?

At Kingsleague FIFA 22 starts just like the Ultimate Edition from the 27.09. and is available as a game from now on. You can compete as usual in friendly matches of the classic online mode or in the FUT mode with your Ultimate Team. The same rules apply as in FIFA 21, which have to be read and accepted before the first match.

What innovations does FIFA 22 offer?

Besides the usual squad and player updates, FIFA 22 of course offers some innovations in the different game modes and the game itself. Probably the most interesting innovation is the so-called HyperMotion technology. This is supposed to make the gameplay much more fluid and realistic. However, due to the required performance, this is only supported on the newer consoles. In addition, the goalkeepers in FIFA 22 are much stronger than in FIFA 22 and save a lot more. In the FUT mode, so-called Heroes cards have been introduced, which should provide more variance in the teams. Furthermore there are new features in the Volta mode and Pro Clubs has been extended with additional customization options. Last but not least, the club editor is back in the career mode, which allows you to create your own club. We are excited!

What can you expect on Kingsleague with regard to FIFA 22?

We at Kingsleague have thought a lot about how we can make FIFA 22 as attractive as possible for you. We have thought about many events and new features you can look forward to! Beside our improved seasons we can proudly present you our new tournament tool which will be online soon. With this tool you will be able to create your own tournaments and organize bigger cups exclusively through Kingsleague!

What events are coming up soon?

On 15.10. our FIFA 22 Season 1 will start with an incredible prize pool and material prizes. Compete against other players and place yourself at the top of our ranking! There will be a separate mode in FIFA 22 and FUT 22. We are also happy to announce that from now on there will be regular bigger cups from our partners. These will be held in connection with our tournament tool and hosted on Twitch. The number of participants and the prize pool will be much higher than in FIFA 21. More information about the season and the different cups will follow soon!

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