Kingsleague has been online for over a year now. Together with you we have already experienced multiple events and only because of you, our loyal community, we can continue this way at high speed. Besides a lot of ideas for new features, seasons, etc. we also came to the decision to bring our app to a new level with a new version! In the following we would like to give you our thoughts, motivations and a few impressions of what you can expect.

Why a new version of the app?

We are constantly working in the background, tirelessly striving to continuously revise and improve your experience and general experience with the app. In the past, we’ve encountered usability and server issues quite often. Therefore, one of our top priorities was to fix these bugs and improve your gaming experience. That’s why we decided to bring the quality, but also the look of the app to the next level!

What are the advantages of the new version?

Our greatest concern was to significantly increase the user-experience. To achieve this, the navigation as well as the individual steps through the app were made more comprehensive and much easier to understand. Our team has also worked very diligently to ensure that the app runs smoothly in version 2.0. All areas of Kingsleague can now be used without any problems and without running the risk of overloading the app, therefore our tech team has worked hard on performance. In addition to numerous code improvements, we owe this to much more and faster servers, which even with thousands of players, will not give in. But also the significantly lower waiting time when using the app, makes it just much more pleasant to use.

The new menu is clearer and offers especially new users a better access to Kingsleague. All of our functions have been redesigned and new ones have been implemented. In addition, the new version impresses with a fundamentally darker design. This is much more pleasant for the eyes and raises the quality further. The contrast of the colors makes navigating so much easier and offers a more authentic experience on the app. Every point is now better aligned with each other. We hope that you like our new version at least as much as we do and that the resulting technical changes will have a positive impact on your game. Make it Count!

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