Hackers are a big problem in the gaming scene. You can find them in almost every genre. They take the fun out of the game and have made entire games unplayable in the past. Especially in Shooter-Games Hacks like Aimbot and Wallhack are quite common…

At Kingsleague, we want to create a space where hackers have no place and absolutely no chance. Our goal is to create a sporting and fair atmosphere where players can feel safe and comfortable. Especially when it comes to your own money.

It is our highest priority to keep Kingsleague clean!

There are basically two types of hackers:

  • Those who have activated any hacks etc. In-Game, which gives them an unfair advantage over other players.
  • In addition, there are those who cheat directly via the app/website itself and try to deceive.

What exactly should be done if you encounter a hacker while playing a match on Kingsleague?

In the following, we want to show you different scenarios and explain how you can subsequently act against them if something is suspicious.

1. In-Game Cheater

  • Random player in the lobby

-> If you play with your opponent in a lobby where there is an obvious hacker, you should immediately talk to your opponent and restart the challenge, i.e. go to a new lobby.

If the situation should arise that your opponent does not believe you or has not noticed the hacker, you should definitely provide evidence in the form of Clips. If the opponent is not convinced, we are the institution that takes the decision. The evidence should be shared with us in the dispute.

We will then look at the whole thing in the background and make a decision on the basis of the available material.

However, if there is obviously and unmistakably a hacker in the lobby, we will certainly recognise this and proceed accordingly.

  • Your opponent on Kingsleague

-> We at Kingsleague have a 0 tolerance policy towards hackers. If you think your opponent is not playing fair, we urge you to send us usable evidence and create a dispute.

Should your suspicions prove to be true, we will immediately ban him from Kingsleague.

Please note, however, that too frequent and above all unfounded accusations are not welcome and are also grossly unsportsmanlike. Such cases should only be reported if the facts are obvious and you are sure.

IMPORTANT: Please ALWAYS prepare appropriate video material for both cases so that no problems can occur and we can remove such players from our community.

2. How to Dispute

A dispute arises when both players claim victory. If you do not agree with your opponent, we ask you to create a dispute immediately.

How do I behave in a dispute?

If you encounter a hacker as described in paragraph 1, you should take the following steps:

  1. Please enter the win for you first so that we can check the incident immediately.
  2. Describe the incident and try to explain exactly what happened.
  3. Have evidence ready in the form of screenshots/clips etc. and upload it in the relevant dispute.
  4. If the evidence is not sufficient, we will contact you and solve the problem together.

We are grateful for every user who gives us useful tips and helps us to protect the community from hackers and to filter them out! We want to be a fair place, with fair competitions and a fair community where dishonesty and fraud have absolutely no chance. Sportsmanship is our top priority and is part of our vision to create a good place for every gamer.

Let’s work together to ensure that only skill counts and only those who can gamble the best win, not those who can cheat the best!

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