Update: Due to the great popularity of our “Road to FIFA 22” event, it will be extended for another week until October 3rd 2021. So you have another chance to get FIFA 22 in FIFA and FUT!

We’re wrapping up FIFA 21 with our annual Road to FIFA 22: a three-week four-week league where each week the top 3 players will receive cash and non-cash prizes, consisting of a total of 6 8 copies of FIFA 22 and 270€ 360€ cash prizes. We explain all the details in this article.

How does the Road to FIFA 22 work?

  1. The Road to Fifa 22 will be a weekly tournament from September 6th until September 26th October 3rd
  2. Gamers can join Kingsleague for free and participate in the Road to FIFA 22 for free
  3. The game mode will be FIFA 21 friendlies & FUT 21!
  4. All challenges sum points, the higher your competitor’s skill level, the more points you get. Rematches get double points. You can check the whole point system here.
  5. A total of 18 24 players will win prizes every week.
  6. Deliberately losing matches to give points to the other player is strictly prohibited!
  7. Collusion and “pushing” each other, i.e. alternately losing and winning matches is prohibited. We reserve the right to ban the players involved upon suspicion, not to distribute the prize money and to exclude them from Kingsleague!

How are the prizes distributed every week?

As well as 270€ 360€ cash prizes, there will be a total of 6 8 copies of FIFA 22 up for grabs!

  1. Champion: Standard Edition of FIFA 22
  2. Runner-up: 30€ Cash
  3. Third place: 15€ Cash

*If someone wins first place twice, they will receive a $50 cash prize the second time instead of another copy of FIFA 22.

Any tips for winning?

  • The points you receive per match depend on your opponent’s rank and the amount of money you play for.
  • Please also note that there are more points for rematches!
  • At Kingsleague we are true believers of the sportsmanship spirit – the ethos of enjoying a game, regardless of the result. You will not only receive points for winning, but also for losing
  • We can’t win all games, but we can definitely enjoy them all.

You want to register for free at Kingsleague, then click here! We are happy to have you in our community!