Behavior towards hackers

Hackers are a big problem in the gaming scene. You can find them in almost every genre. They take the fun out of the game and have made entire games unplayable in the past. Especially in Shooter-Games Hacks like Aimbot and Wallhack are quite common... At Kingsleague, we want to create a space where

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Kingsleague’s Road to FIFA 22 Rules + Prizes

Update: Due to the great popularity of our "Road to FIFA 22" event, it will be extended for another week until October 3rd 2021. So you have another chance to get FIFA 22 in FIFA and FUT! We're wrapping up FIFA 21 with our annual Road to FIFA 22: a three-week four-week league where each

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Warzone Killrace League Prices

Our Warzone Killrace League is in full swing. Throughout August, you can challenge yourself on Kingsleague and earn points on Warzone to climb up the leaderboard. If you end up in the top 10, big prizes await you. In the following, we would like to give you a brief overview of the distribution of

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