Kingsleague Skill Levels

In everything we do, we place great emphasis on honesty, fairness and sportsmanship. As a result, we at Kingsleague have developed a concept to divide our players into 3 different skill levels.

Why are there different skill levels on Kingsleague?

No one likes to lose, especially not when you’re really being shown up and don’t stand a chance. You are frustrated and in most cases don’t feel like playing any more. To prevent this, we have different Kingsleague skill levels, which are divided into the ranks bronze, silver and gold. In this way, we have ensured that you do not have to challenge players at random, but can filter your skill level specifically.

How can I recognise the different skill levels?

To find out what skill level the other players have, just take a look at the start page. There you can see clearly which users are currently online in the selected game. In the profile icon, the number and the colour bronze (1-19), silver (20-39) or gold (40-100) show you the respective skill level of this player. In addition, you can read the skill level in the profile under “KLR”. However, caution is advised with the balance, because no conclusions can be drawn from it about the skill level of the past opponents.

Can you automatically find opponents at your skill level?

Yes, we have integrated the rumble mode for such situations. Via the rumble mode you are automatically matched with an opponent of your strength. Besides, you get more points.

What other benefits do the different skill levels have?

Each skill level has its own leaderboard. You move up the list with every match you complete. Therefore new events are regularly added to kingsleague, where the best players of the respective skill level are rewarded with great prizes. Additionally, we will include many new features in the future

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