Spring Season Rules

The Kingsleague Spring Season is our fourth season. One of the most recurrent comments we received in the previous Season is that the Season’s skill level was too high. While we are very proud of our gold players conquering the season, we also want to include the vast majority of our players: silver and bronze players.

That being said, the 6.000 € Kingsleague Spring Season will be a completely new season, with primarily two major changes: a) The season will be available for two game modes – FIFA 21 and FUT 21 and b) each game mode will have its own prize pool for each skill levels – bronze, silver and gold.

Kingsleague’s Spring Season 2021


Continuing our journey to bring thrill and sportsmanship through gaming, we have created our most diverse season yet. The Kingsleague Spring Season is a 6.000€ tournament – our largest prize pool to date. In order to create more fairness within the community, we have also created three different skill levels (divisions) for each game, allowing players to compete within their skill level in the season, in either (or both!) FIFA 21 and FUT 21.

In other words, there will be a separate competition for Gold, Silver and Bronze, for each game mode! This means you can play both FIFA 21 and FUT 21 and compete against others in your same skill level.

The top 3 of each game and skill level will get cash prizes, while the top 16 (of each game and each skill level) will get an en entry ticket to compete for the Spring Season Throne. A total of 6 gaming chairs, sponsored by Noble Chairs and Nitro Concepts, that will be awarded to the best of each game mode and skill level, through a direct elimination knockout tournament.

How does the Kingsleague Spring Season work?

This season will be focused exclusively on FUT 21 for PS4.

The Kingsleague Spring Season is a 6.000€ league, starting Monday, May 17th, until Wednesday, June 30th.

Gamers can chose between playing FIFA 21 or FUT 21, or can compete in both. Each game mode will have its own league table. Gamers can play against any player they want, but will only be competing within their own skill level.

Each game mode will have a 3.000€ prize pool that will be distributed according to the skill level

Gamers will compete in an all-vs-all event, challenging others to make it to the the top of the ladder in their skill level.

Rules and Requirements for Kingsleague’s Spring Season

Kingsleague’s Spring Season will be exclusively played on PS4.

The Spring Season allows gamers to compete in both FUT 21 and FIFA 21 game modes.

Joining the season is completely free.

The amount played for in every challenge is up to every user and influences the amount of points you can get.

Gamers will have one month to make as many points as possible.

Kingsleague Spring Season Prizes

For the first time ever, Kingsleague will have two different prize pools for two differnet game modes, and each prize pool will be distributed within the three skill levels – gold, silver, and bronze.

Prize Distribution

Each Game Mode will have a Gold leaderboard, a Silver leaderboard and a Bronze leaderboard. A total of 18 players (top 3 of each skill level, of each game mode) will win cash prizes and , and 96 players (top 16 of each game mode, of each skill level) will move on to compete for the Thrones.

Gold 1.000€ Prize pool per game mode
  • 500€ | Champion
  • 300€ | Runner up
  • 200€ | Third place

Silver 600€ Prize pool per game mode

  • 300€ | Champion
  • 180€ | Runner up
  • 120€ | Third place

Bronze 400€ Prize pool per game mode

  • 200€ | Champion
  • 120€ | Runner up
  • 80€ | Third place

Top 16 of each game mode, of each skill level

A total of 96 players – the top 16 of each skill level, of each game mode – will get a ticket to continue their way to the Kingsleague Spring Thrones.

Kingsleague Spring Thrones

What is the Kingsleague Spring Thrones?

The 1.000€ remaining of the prizepool is reflected on six (6) thrones: six chairs that will be given out to the best of each skill level, of each game mode.

The Spring Thrones will be direct elimination tournaments that will occur on a single day.

More information about the specific thrones for each skill level, will be defined throughout the Season.