While we build up our future generation of cups and leagues, we’re having week over week tournaments in all of our current games. We call it the King’s Week: Weekly prize pool leagues, where the top three of every game win part of it. Prizes might vary from week to week, but overall, we manage a very similar structure.

How can I join Kingsleague’s Kings Week?

Everyone’s invited. All you have to do is play your favorite game on Kingsleague – FIFA 21, FUT 21 or Warzone. Every game you play sums up points towards the week league.

How long is Kingsleague’s Kings Week?

As the name suggests, it lasts…well, a week. From Monday 00:00, to Monday of the next week. The leaderboard will reset to zero each Sunday 23:59, at which time, a new King’s Week will begin.

How are the prizes in Kingsleague’s Kings Week and how does the distribution work?

King’s Week is meant to be a recurring off-season event made up of a weekly prize pool for FIFA 21, FUT 21 and Warzone gamers.

You can check out each game’s prize pool inside of the game’s league.

A the end of the week, the winners of the Kings Week will get the money automatically distributed to their account.

Can I participate in more than one game in Kingsleague’s Kings Week?

Yes! If you’re pretty sick at all games, go at it! If you’re good enough in all games, you could possibly win the main prize in all games!

Are there any tips for winning Kingsleague’s Kings Week?

Every user who plays a match in either FUT21, FIFA21 or Warzone will automatically participate in the King’s Week!

The goal for every player is to collect the most points possible, in order to rank in the top 3 of the leaderboard.

Here are some neet tricks:

  • Players will receive points for completing matches
  • The better the opponent, the higher the pot size, hence, the more points you’ll get for each win.
  • The more money you challenge, the more points you get
  • Rematch gives you more points!

Kingsleague is the place to challenge other users in your favorite game, for cash prizes. Have any questions? Drop us a line at [email protected]