We’re launching COD

Today is an exciting day for us at Kingsleague. After seven months of operating, we’re launching our second game: Call of Duty.

Thanks to the thousand of learnings in the prior months, we’ve created COD’s structure to truly bring talent to the table: kill race in an auto-revive environment.

Additionally, during the first couple of weeks, we’ll be having two King’s Weeks, in which the top 3 users of the leaderboard will take a 100€ prize pool.

Warzone Plunder Kill Race


You and your opponent join the same Plunder game as a team and compete for the most kills. Whoever got more kills, wins the Plunder kill race. Please make sure to set the fill mode to “No fill” when you start the game, as you and your opponent have to be the only players on your squad.

How to play

1. You chose if you want to play cross-console, or limit yourself to other players of your same device.

2. Add your opponent as a friend using the gamertag

3. Invite opponent to a party or accept the invite sent to you.

4. Select duos. If duos is not available, select trios or quads.

5. Select “Don’t Fill” for your Squad Fill settings, so that only you and your opponent are in the squad.

6. Play the Plunder Match as described in the Rules and submit the result when match is completed.



Any kills made while alive or downed count towards the final score.


In the event of both players having an equal amount of kills, the player who collected more money wins the match. If the amount of money collected is also identical, another match has to be played until there is a winner.

Lag/pre-game settings

Once the players are on the plane, no complaints regarding lag or pre-game settings will be taken into consideration!


If a player disconnects in the pre-game warm-up, the game must be replayed. If the disconnection takes place during the game, disconnection is equal to death. You will have the number of kills you had when you disconnected, and your opponent can continue to play even after you have disconnected from the match


“Kill-stealing“ is part of the game and is allowed.


Click here to check out our Youtube-Channel, where we provide videos with exact instructions on how to record your gameplay as evidence in case of a dispute.

King’s Week

During our first weeks we will be hosting tests to see what our users like, starting with Plunder. This week, the top 3 players – those with the most points in the leaderboard, will receive monetary prizes in their accounts. The league table will showcase the total amount of money, as well as the points each player has. A total of 100€ prize pool will be distributed as follows:

– First place: 50€
– Second place: 30€
– Third place: 20€