MP Esports Cup by Kingsleague

Our close friend and ambassador, Miister Prime will be hosting the first of many same-day Cups. A 32 player knockout tournament, starting today at 19:00. Winner gets 50€.

How the MP Esports Cup by Kingsleague Works

If you want to take part of Miister Prime’s ESports Cup by Kinglseague, all you have to do is join his channel for a chance to get a ticket to participate in the cup.

The 32 players will go head-on a a 1vs1 knockout ladder, until a winner is declared.

MP ESports Cup by Kingsleague Ladder

[bracketsninja bracketid=f0063b15-2244-4d34-9a1b-c7bee7e2068f]

Do You Want to Host Your Own Kingsleague Tournament?

We’re introducing a beta feature to allow our users to create their own tournaments through Kingsleague. Want to take part of the beta and create your own tournament?

Write through our chat, our email us at [email protected] to join the beta!