It’s. About. Time.

Special note: Remember that you’ll receive points for every match you play on Kingsleague.
So, first things first. The amount of points for a match depends on two factors:
1. The ratio between your opponent’s and your personal Kingsleague’s rating.
2. The pot size. 
In the leaderboard, the players with the most points are listed. Each one starts on Mondays at 00:00 and it’s open until Sunday at 23:59. The top 5 players in the ranking will receive the following cash prizes:
1st. Gets 50€
2nd. Gets 30€
3rd. Gets 20€
4th. Gets 15€
5th. Gets 10€

Tips and tricks (let’s get down to business)

1. Rematches
After a completed challenge, you have the possibility to challenge your opponent for a rematch. 
For completed rematches you get double points. This will help you climb into the ranking list collecting points.
2. Do not give up. No, seriously.
You can’t win every match (and if you clicked on this article, we guess you already know that) so that’s why if you lose, you will receive 25% of the points you would have earned if you won.
3. Find a strong opponent
For this one you would like to increase the stake and see how many points you get.

Are you ready to take the crown?

Let’s make it count!