Our first King’s Week ended yesterday and a new one begins today! We will be integrating our weekly challenges to our weekly tournament from Monday to Monday, as well as increasing the prize pool for FUT 21. 

We’re trying to improve your experience through weekly iterations. Got a good idea? Shoot us an email at [email protected] and we’ll see what we can do!

About Kingsleague’s King’s Week

King’s week is a weekly tournament where users compete to climb up the ladder through our Kingsleague app. In Kingsleague, we make every match count, by allowing gamers users to challenge other people for money in FIFA 21. Apart from these challenges, we also organize off-season weekly tournaments, such as King’s Week, offering free rewards for those who rank highest at the end of each week.

Weekly challenges change on a weekly basis and depend on users’ interactions within the platform.

Due to the amount of people playing FUT 21 vs FIFA 21, “90’s mode”, we have incremented the prize pool for FUT 21, decreased the amount for FIFA 21 and added a whole new feature: ? slay the king.

Want the prize pool to increase? The prize pool increases depending on the amount of people playing on the prior week! Help us increase the pool by inviting other users to join!

This Week on King’s Week

We’re integrating the Weekly Challenges to our King’s Week in order to simplify things – and help us communicate our efforts better!

Plus, with the introduction of Slay the King?, we’ll be giving away 10€ bonus balance to anyone that slays the kings!

Prizes for King’s Week

FUT 21 

First place: 200€ 

Second place: 30€ 

FIFA 21 

First place: 50€

Weekly Challenges (1€)

  • Play 10 matches 
  • Win 5 matches
  • Play at least 1 match everyday (From Monday 21st to Sunday 27)

Huge Weekly Challenge (10€)

  • NEW! Slay the King ?

How to Know Who’s Winning in King’s Week

If you want to know who’s winning – and what they’re winning (green badge with €€)  – all you need to do is go into the app, click on the league tab, and select the current week. (See picture)

On the leaderboard you will see those who are, well, leading and what they will win if they maintain those positions.

The current kings are identified by a crown (?) next to their name, as seen in the image (Chris…get to work)


Last Week’s Winners

Last week’s King’s Week (December 14-21st)  we had a total of 12 winners, for a total of 18€ given out to the community. 

We have also crowned two new kings for each game, FIFA 21 and FUT 21, which will be the main huge challenge of this week: slay the king!

This week’s Kings: 

  1. FUT 21 King: ?GOODVIBES  
  2. FIFA 21 King: ?Chris_KL-Team (Apparently Chris from our team has had way too much time on his hands…please take this crown away from him)

1€ Challenges Winners

Play 10 matches 

  • MiisterPrime

Play against 5 opponents

  • Checker 330
  • Ibo3434
  • MiisterPrime

Play a match with pot size over 18€

  • Goodvibes
  • Giulio98sns
  • Brockhausener
  • Efe
  • Maik12321
  • sven657
  • Miisterprime
  • Checker330

Huge Weekly Challenge (2€)

Play a match with a pot size of over 50€

  • Giulio98sns
  • Brockhausener
  • Goodvibes

A Final Note: King’s Week 

In order to avoid confusion, we are integrating the weekly challenges into King’s Week! We hope to see many of you enjoy this. 

Let us know what you think or if we can improve our weekly tournament! Send us your feedback at [email protected]