Even though we’re introducing King’s Week today – our weekly tournaments from Monday to Monday – there’ll still be Kingsleague’s Weekly Challenges! We’re trying to improve your experience through weekly iterations. Got a good idea? Shoot us an email at [email protected] and we’ll see what we can do! 

About Kingsleague’s Weekly Challenges

Our purpose in Kingsleague is to bring thrill and sportsmanship to gaming. We do so by allowing gamers to challenge others for money prizes. Asides from these challenges, we as an organization offer free rewards for users that are competing within the league – both on and offseason.  

Weekly challenges change on a weekly basis and depend on users’ interactions within the platform. 

This Weeks Weekly Challenges

Kingsleague’s Weekly Challenges were designed regardless of if you win or lose – all you have to do to win one of the challenges, is literally play through Kingsleague! 

1 € Challenges 

  • Play 10 matches 
  • Play against 5 different opponents
  • Take part in a match with a pot size over 18 €

Huge Weekly Challenge (2€)

  • Play a match with a pot size over 50€ 

Last Week’s Winners

Last week we had a total of 19 winners, for a total of 32€ given out to the community. 

1€ Challenges Winners

Play 12 matches 

  • primeeuchiha
  • marc_stp27

Win 7 matches

  • danielscp7
  • Lxnsky
  • marc_stp27
  • Primeeuchiha

Two rematches against the same opponent 

No winners 🙁 Better luck next time!

Huge Weekly Challenge (2€)

Play a match of over 30€

  • Giulio98sns
  • primeeuchiha
  • danielscp7
  • Brockhausener
  • Hbhb197
  • yaya_pogbaa
  • zTheReFlex
  • Emre99x
  • Boernividal
  • Efe
  • Maik12321
  • Lxnsky

A Final Note: King’s Week 

Remember guys! You can still compete in the weekly challenges and simultaneously compete in King’s Week! We hope to see you all there!