The knockout stage and grand final for Kingsleague’s Season 2 has been announced. Breaking our last Season’s record – and thanks to our great sponsors, Mooser Liesel and Noble Chairs – our FIFA 21 tournament has come to its final stage. Tomorrow, the remaining 16 qualified players will be playing head to head, best-out-of-3, until a final winner remains. Our partner p4ddy_9217 and our own Chris will be streaming the whole tournament through Twitch, so stay tuned for special giveaways during the event!

Keep on reading to learn more about the match times, players remaining and prizes of Kingsleague’s Season 2 Grand Finals.

Kingsleague’s Season 2 Knockout Stage and Grand Final

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When will Kingsleague’s Season 2 Grand Finals Take Place?

Our Kingsleague Season 2 knockout stage will be fully played on Tuesday, November the 1st, from 16:00-20:00.

Who are the 16 gamers remaining?

The knockout stage is comprised by the 16 players remaining after group stages. These were awarded a spot in the finals, by being either the first or second in their group.

These gamers obtained a spot in the Group Stage, by either winning in FUT21 or FIFA21. All games from Group Stage on, including the finals, will be played in FIFA21 – to ensure there are equal conditions for all users.

What are the prizes for reaching Kingsleague’s Season 2 Knockout Stage?

The 16 players that qualified to the Knockout stage will receive 50€ Kingsleague credit (25€ cash, 25€ bonus balance).

Are there any special rules for the Knockout Stage?

From the knockout phase onwards, all participants are subject to a streaming obligation.

So please make sure you have a good enough internet connection to stream and play at the same time.

Whoever cannot ensure this, cannot compete in the KO phase and the spot will be given to a successor.

Again, all matches will be played for 1€.

Knockout stages will be managed on a best out of three and move onwards towards the final.

Will the games be streamed?

Yes! All games will be streamed by our teammate Chris and partner p4ddy_9217 in p4ddy’s Twitch, from 15:45 to 20:00.

What are the prizes?

Third Place, Second Place and First Place Prizes

The first 3 places will receive the following cash and non-cash prizes:

3rd place: 6 x Mooser Liesl 0,33 – 0,5L jug

1x Noble Chair – EPIC Black/Red (RRP: 339,90 €)

100 € cash

2nd place: 12 x Mooser Liesl 0,33 – 0,5L jug

1x Noble Chair – ICON White/Black (RRP: 369,90 €)

250 € cash

1st place: 12 x Mooser Liesl 0,5 – 1 L jug

1x Noble Chair – HERO Black Edition (RRP: 449,90 €)

600 € cash

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