*Updated 28 November*

After an exciting month of competition, the top 32 players have finally been decided: top 16 from FIFA 21 and top 16 from FUT 21, will compete for our 2.500€ prizepool, sponsored by Mooser Liesl and Noble Chairs. Want to know the finalists and rules? Keep on reading!

These 32 players will advance into the next round, the group stage: eight (8) groups consisting of four (4) people each, where they will all compete one match against each opponent in their respective group.

All games from the group stage will be played on November 29th, from 17.00-20.00 CET.

All players that advance to the Group Stage, will all receive 5€, allowing them to play 1vs1 against each opponent of the group, and have 2€ remaining for future challenges.

Players will receive a list of their opponents and will play each match as a 1 € challenge in FIFA21 Friendly Match in 90’s mode – as mentioned in previous rules, FUT21 will not be available for this stage, in order to maintain equal conditions within all the competitors.

All players will have a one (1) hour window to play against each opponent.

  • All players must show up within the first 10 minutes of every hour, and play the match within that hour.
  • Player that does not show up within this window to any of his matches, will result in a loss.

All match results should have evidence (screenshot) of the final results (score of the game). All players must keep this information, in case any disputes arise.

Every player will play three (3) matches. The top two (2) players (those with most wins) of each group will then advance into the final knockout stage.

  • In case a group has more than two (2) players that have the equal amount of wins, the players with the most goal difference will pass.

Please note: Group Stages are not streamed! The knockout stage and finals will all be streamed on Tuesday, December 1st!

The 32 Players Advancing to Kingsleague’s Season 2 Group Stage

Kingsleague’s Season 2 allowed both players from FIFA 21 and FUT 21 to compete. As mentioned in prior rules, the group stages will only be played with FIFA 21 in order to maintain equal conditions for all players.

*NOTE*: The following list is not a reflection of the order of qualification, it is just an overview of the qualifiers.

FIFA21 Players making it to the group stage

  1. Hbhb197
  2. Maik12321
  3. Alex123
  4. Moritzh09
  5. Madmax0205
  6. AuRevoir
  7. Icetee66.
  8. YoungMoruk07
  9. Arminhooox
  10. KingNad7
  11. Efe
  12. Sad_ssj-Vegito
  13. Devid2510
  14. Seko
  15. zLoveSakuraa
  16. Samuking20

FUT Players making it to the group stage

  1. Danielscp7
  2. P4ddy_9217
  3. ShowMan_21
  4. Semih45
  5. Setoskillz
  6. Cankos
  7. Cemo1998
  8. Originalvicz
  9. NiclasMs
  10. Boernividal
  11. FabianMS_Twitch
  12. Gsmusti_
  13. Romainho92
  14. Miisterprime
  15. Domifalk21
  16. Maurice1995

These are the official groups


Match times

Users will have one hour to play each game, organizing the time that works west with their opponent. Games are played in the following order

First Matchday (17.00)
1 vs 4

2 vs 3

Second Matchday (18.00)
4 vs 2
3 vs 1

Third Matchday (19.00)
3 vs 4
1 vs 2

After the best two qualify on each group, we will announce the brackets and finals on Monday, November the 30th.