The open qualification of the Kingsleague Season 2, our FIFA 21 and FUT 21 tournament started on October 26th and will continue to run until November 26th! All information and conditions of participation can be found here and you can start participating today for free by registering directly on our app!

In this article we would like to present our prize distribution, made up of cash prizes and sponsor prizes; the different stages in which you can achieve these and how you can win them!

Kingsleague Season 2 Prizes

Our Kingsleague Season 2 is made up of a prize pool of over 2500 €, consisting of non-cash and cash prizes.

All players who are in the Top16 ranking of FIFA21 and FUT21, 32 players on total, on 26.11.2020 at 23:59:59 qualify for the group phase (learn more about stages, here).

Group Stage Prizes

As stated in our Season 2 rules, the top 16 of FUT21 and top 16 of FIFA21 will go on to the group stage.

 Please make sure to read the conditions of what is needed to continue in this stage.

Here, they will challenge other players in FIFA21 – to assure everyone is in the same conditions.

Each group will consist of 4 users. Each user will have to play every other person in the group, once, for a total challenge of 1€

All players who make it until the group stage and comply with the requirements, will receive a 5€ cash balance to play the games in his stage. 
Top two (2) players from each group, will go on to the knockout stage

Knockout Stage Prizes

The top two( 2) users out of every group will qualify to the Knockout stage, the final stage of the season. They will receive a 50€ Kingsleague credit (25€ cash, 25€ bonus balance). 

Again, it is important to go through the rules and conditions in order to obtain this credit and pass-on to the next stage! 

Third Place, Second Place and First Place Prizes

The first 3 places will receive the following cash and non-cash prizes:

3rd place: 6 x Mooser Liesl 0,33 – 0,5L jug

                     1x Noble Chair – EPIC Black/Red (RRP: 339,90 €) 

                     100 € cash


2nd place: 12 x Mooser Liesl 0,33 – 0,5L jug

                      1x Noble Chair – ICON White/Black (RRP: 369,90 €) 

                      250 € cash


   1st place: 12 x Mooser Liesl 0,5 – 1 L jug

                       1x Noble Chair – HERO Black Edition (RRP: 449,90 €) 

                       600 € cash

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