Every FIFA player has their reasoning’s for getting better at a game, whether it be rising in the division, showing off in front of a friend, or even beating a toxic player. All of them are achievable through cheating, but that momentary achievement cannot compare with sheer gaming skills, but it is not as simple as walking in the park. 

When it comes to FIFA 21, it can be extremely challenging to get into grips with all the latest gameplay mechanics fully. Here are some of the crucial tips that will make you a much better virtual athlete without any underhanded trickeries.


Practice to Jockey

FIFA 21 focused more on buffing the attackers, making the defenders have much less room to breathe. It implies that games conclude much faster, and there is a potential goal by either team now and then. It makes the game much faster-paced and exciting, unlike football in real life.

Nowadays, more and more players will rush in and prioritize their challenges. Still, the ideal approach is to jockey your opponent and keep your attackers out of range from risky situations. Jockey requires patience and practice, but more often than not, it will put your opponent under pressure as jockeying will prevent them from getting a free kick or even a booking. 

Make Timed Finishing a Habit

If you are familiar with the Time Finishing getting overhauled in FIFA 20, it is practically the same in FIFA 21, which is challenging yet more productive at the same time. It is ideal for spending more time practicing the shot and work on improving your accuracy. It can be game-changing and put you leagues ahead of your opponents, as your chances of scoring a goal will improve by leaps and bounds.

The way how it works is that you hold Shoot and focus on generating more power, then click Shoot once more before kicking the ball. The stressful situation can often lead you to mistime it, but practicing will eventually get you the hang of it in no time. Whether you play against your friends or a competitor in Kingsleague, you will emerge as a better player on most occasions.

Understand your Squad Better

The players have the most impact in FIFA 21, and forming a squad with strong synergy and matching play styles instead of focusing on your favorite player is the definition of a good FIFA player. Even if they swap players for someone with better stats, their basic approach will not be much different. So, you must understand the strong points and weaknesses of your players. It will help you perform better and help you know which player will handle the given situation more effectively.

Avoid Needless Sprinting

There is nothing wrong with sprinting as you might have been doing it since forever. But excess of anything is bad, and the same goes for your attackers. It drains a lot of stamina and might make your best player unable to perform at their peak in a critical situation. At the same time, not sprinting at is equally bad because FIFA is all about pace. So, the ideal approach is to use sprinting when you can some big plays or prevent your opponents from scoring, otherwise settle for slow movements and preserve your stamina.

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